Diversity Desserts With TED

Michaela and I had an amazing event in Southwest’s Lobby tonight! This event offered students a chance to paint their hands in an unique way and place it onto an inspirational banner and they were also invited to create and eat a cupcake that represented them! The night was a huge hit and I would like to thank the over 40 residents that participated! It was a great chance to sit and chat about diversity and inclusion on campus and we had a lot of interesting discussions! I hope everyone had a great time and will check out the banner in the next few weeks of school!


Coffee in the Lounge

Matt and I tried to help Southwest start off on a good note this morning by providing people with coffee as they headed off to class. This event was a hit and we will be back in the lobby next Friday as well! Remember to bring your own cup again and we will fill it up and send you off to crush your day! Although Matt and I had to head to class early, we left two different types of coffee for the residents to enjoy, we hope you all have a great day today and we’ll see you next Friday! Is there something else you would like to see next Friday? Let me know or comment in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!


Mud Cups, Sound Bowls, and More!

On Thursday night, Zak, DJ, and I created a super fun and relaxing event that focused on taking time for ourselves and celebrating the nice weather. We made pudding mud cups complete with chocolate pudding, oreos, and gummy worms! Jason Artz stopped by from counseling services to show us his Tibetan sound bowl and talk to us about managing stress in our lives. He reminded us that as our schedules get busier, we need to take a break for mental check ins with ourselves throughout the day. This is something that we all forget to do from time to time but those few seconds out of your day can really make a difference in your health! I really appreciated all of the people that were able to stop by, I hope you had a fun time eating the mud cups, making stress balls, and listening to the sound bowl!

A Wonderful Walk

This afternoon, Jason and I took a nice walk on some of the nature trails around or campus. This event was welcome for residents to attend too, but with the busy schedules and sketchy weather, most attendees were dissuaded. Despite the cloudy skies and nearing rain, we had a great time and the weather held off for us! Walking around campus and taking a break from your day is a great way to relieve stress especially as we approach finals week. Hiking also allows for a greater appreciation for nature. UW-Platteville has some wonderful hiking trails right outside of our resident halls, and I would encourage all of you to check them out!

Time To Pacman!

For the end of the semester, I tried to add to the busy end of the semester with a little bit of fun! This “It’s Time to Pacman” board will hopefully add a little bit of cheer into my residents day. On the right side of the board, they can put their personal check out time and everyone will be able to correspond their check outs with each other! We will be going over how to check out in our mandatory wing meeting tomorrow, but I hope everyone has a chance to take in the board in the next day! If there is anything I can do to help your semesters end well, please feel free to talk to me in person or use the comment section below!

Closing Board

Distinguished Lecturer – Temple Grandin

I had the privilege of accompanying some of Southwest’s residents to Platteville’s 2018 Amazing Distinguished Lecturer, Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin isĀ  a designer of livestock handling facilities and a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University; she spoke to student’s and community members about her lifetime accomplishments and how her diagnosis of autism affected her life. She was a very motivational and interesting person to listen to! Grandin gave us her perspective on how people on the autistic spectrum should be taught at a young age about social norms and relationships. She also talked about how people of all capabilities learn in different ways. I think that as a student currently in college, this was a really important message for all of us. Not only will we be able to help ourselves more in finding how we learn the best, we will also be able to help out our classmates so they can succeed to their fullest ability too. If you were able to attend the lecturer, feel free to add what you thought about the lecture in the comment section!


Taste The World – FNC!

This last Friday night was Southwest’s Taste the World FNC! It was an amazing time where guests were allowed to taste dishes from places around the world! We cooked traditional meals, desserts, and side dishes from all continents (except for Antarctica)! Each floor was assigned a country and provided two dishes for the attendees to try. Matt and I got Australia and decided to make mini-meat pies and a day punch. We also decorated the room with flags, famous Australians, native plants, fun facts, and native animals! A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and to all of my co-workers that helped make this night one of the best FNC’s UW-Platt has ever seen!