Birthday Door Decs

If you have a birthday while at school, sometimes you may feel disconnected being away from your family or hometown friends. I made these door decorations to give to everyone on 6th west that has a birthday during the next few months. These cupcake decs are just a fun way to show that I want to wish all of the upcoming birthdays a happy and cheerful time! #aplacetobelongBday Cupcake door dec


Things to Do In Platteville

Platteville Bulletin BoardTo remind residents about all the wonderful things to do around Platteville, I worked with Matt to create this bulletin board. We wanted this to be our first shared board because it’s a nice reminder to everyone that there are fun, healthy, and exciting things to do both on campus and in-town. I hope that all of the 6th will see this board and possibly get a new idea or try out an activity that they never have before. #aplacetobelong

Get To Know Your RA Bulletin

I wanted the 6th West community to get to know me a little better while they were moving in. One of the ways that I introduced myself to the residents was creating this “Get to Know Your RA” bulletin board. This board had a few interesting facts about myself, as well as long-term life goals and some goals for this semester. I also included a short introductory letter and some pictures of both me and my dog. I hope that residents will be able to use this bulletin board in the next few weeks to learn a little more about me and the positive semester I hope to have with them here. #aplacetobelongBulletin Board blog pic

Lava Lamp Door Decorations

As a way to start off the new semester on a good foot, I made lava lamp door decorations for each of the 6th West residents. Lava lamps are known for their calming ambience, and that is the general theme I want to follow while I take on the role as resident assistant this semester. Schooling can become very stressful for people and I used these lamps to remind people that they can use me as a calming resources on their wing. I also made a point to knock on all of the doors while hanging the decs up. This gave me a chance to introduce myself and learn a little more about my residents. Overall, this was a very nice introduction to my role in the wing and I hope to continue to learn more about the occupants and how I can do my best job here. #aplacetobelongDoor Dec blog picture

It’s Me!


Good evening all! Take a moment to stop by the first bulletin board of the semester to learn a little bit more about me! In case you can’t tell already, I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. But there’s more information than just that on there. I hope you all have a wonderful first week!