Master Jedi Eva Carlson


Hello friends! Welcome to 6 West in Southwest Hall! I hope you’re excited for this school year, because I sure am. Primarily because I am in love with our wing’s theme. The whole hall theme is Disney, so I instantly grabbed Star Wars, because my dad raised me to be a huge fan.

I also love LotR, music (I’m a mediocre pianist and ukulele-ist(?)), hiking, rock climbing, in general being active (except for running because it’s the worst), coffee, TV and movies, blanket forts, food, tattoos, horses, and I’m horribly addicted to peanut butter.

I love talking about women’s rights, criminal justice, ethics, various religions, and learning about other people’s passions. Please feel free to stop by my room, I might be napping, but if not, I’m always down to hang out!


– Eva