img_20170127_162417Who’s looking forward to a new semester? How I Met your Mother would tell  us all to make this semester Legend- wait for it… dary!! I hope that all of you consider what you can do to make this semester legendary for not only yourself but for everyone around you. I look forward to meeting all of you and making this semester the best yet!



Make sure to take a few minutes to stop by the new bulletin board! Did you know that there are actually 9 different colors of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe? Not just the four colors we know from the movies. Each color comes with basic personality traits. You all have a clothespin at the bottom to take and hang on the lightsaber color you most associate with. And may the force be with you!



Enough about me, there’s already a new bulletin board up in our hall. Did you know most campus sexual assaults occur within the first six weeks of school? To learn more information about the importance of gaining consent before engaging in any sexual activities, take a moment and stop by. Remember, “the force” can be not only physical, but mental as well. No Jedi Mind tricks!

It’s Me!


Good evening all! Take a moment to stop by the first bulletin board of the semester to learn a little bit more about me! In case you can’t tell already, I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. But there’s more information than just that on there. I hope you all have a wonderful first week!