Suit Up!

On Wednesday September 20th at 7:30pm in the MPR was Suit Up. The purpose of this program was to help residents learn/know what to wear for the career fair. We held a fashion show with some outfits you would wear and others that you would not and talked about each one. Then we watched a webinar on how to make the most of your career fair experience. Thank you to everyone that came to the program and those that participated in the fashion show. It was a lot of fun!



Thank you for showing up to our non-adulting event, Abrakadoodle! We had a lot of fun watching movies, eating snacks, but primarily, painting on differently colored sheets of paper. And no matter the colors you used for paint, or paper, everyone made a really neat end product, and it was cool to share the correlations between something as simple as painting to our community. Thanks for showing up, and remember, nobody ever really grows up, they just learn how to act in public.

Boulders Rock Climbing


If you didn’t come to rock climbing with us and 3E, you missed out! We took an evening trip to Boulders in Madison. $10 got you in, with free equipment rental, and as much climbing as your finger muscles could manage! We’ll probably go again before the end of the semester, so if you didn’t come last time, you’ve got to this time!

Star Wars Week!


Thank you all for a great week last week! We put on one Episode each night for a full week, and it was great to see you guys show up and just do some work, or talk with people from other wings. May the Force be with you all this week!

John Oliver on Segregation


Another week of this fantastic man’s antics. If you didn’t have time to come down and watch John Oliver with us this week, I highly recommend watching the main clip where he talks about segregation in schools (because it’s still occurring!) and the harmful affects in can have on children. See you next week!


Chancellor’s Visit

We had the fortune for Chancellor Shields to come by Southwest Hall on October 25th. It was awesome to see some of you show up earlier to eat pizza and get to know him in a less formal setting. It was also great for those of you who showed up for the open forum section where you got to ask the Chancellor questions you had about campus, resources, and anything else. I hope you learned a lot!



It’s homecoming week, which means lots of work for Southwest! Thank you to those of you who have been showing up to events, but especially to those helping us with hall decorations and the homecoming float. It’s been awesome to see how much you’re willing to pour into it. Here’s to hoping for the best for judging today, and the parade tomorrow!