Pioneer Basketball

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a very exciting and tough game for the Pioneer Men’s Basketball team. After a tough start, they were able to take back the lead in an exciting second half; but unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the lead and lost 66-71. We talked about the training that the team goes through and discussed the technique that the players were using to roll out during the warm-up. We then discussed various work out routines that work well for us, and how they vary from when we’re at home. What do you all do to stay physically active on campus?Does this differ from when you’re at home?



We all had a great time at wafflympics Thursday night! A big thanks to everyone who came down to eat some delicious waffles and watch some of the winter olympic events! We were able to catch some very exciting solo figure skating routines, some impressive speed skating, and some other remarkable moments in the form of recaps that were taken throughout the day! We discussed how much training had to go into creating the skill set that these athletes have. Some  questions were brought up, do you think life long spouts of brutal training is worth the amount of fame and success it could bring you? Are there similar occupations that take a life long dedication to reach? Would you want a job that needs grooming or would you rather find  job through natural interest throughout your life?

Im interested to see what more of you think, I encourage you all to respond in the comment section with your thoughts and opinions on this question!

Catholic Questions at the Pioneer Crossing

A few of us headed down to the Crossing on February 21st to learn a little more about the Catholic Church. Three leaders from the Catholic Newman Community stopped by the student center for a few hours and answered questions the audience had about the Catholic faith. The questions ranged from “what do Catholics really believe about gay marriage?” to “do demon exorcisms really occur?” I found the answers as interesting as the questions themselves. A lot of the 6th floor residents expressed concern with how the questions were being handled and answered, but through the experience, we all did learn a lot more about the Catholic faith. Are there any questions you might have about Catholic beliefs or do you have any other questions regarding religion? I think its important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but I encourage anyone with questions to post what they may be thinking in the comments section. 20180221_19115320180221_191415

Heroic Pets

This world has a lot of absolutely amazing pets and for the shared bulletin board of the 6th floor, Matt and I teamed up to show the residents just a few of these Heroic Pets. These incredible life saving animals range from cats, to dogs, to pigs and birds. We realized that a lot of our residents also have heroic pets of their own. In order to include them as well, we have invited residents to email us some pictures and information so we can print it out and add them to the board! Residents can continue to send us their pets all the way up until we change our next board, until then, I hope everyone can stop by and take a look at our new board! Pet Bulletin Board Pic

February Calendar

A lot of college students started out 2018 with a variety of new goals for the spring semester. Those goals varied from learning to be less stressed out, to becoming more involved on campus, to keeping better track of their schedules. To encourage these positive goals, I created a large wall calendar for the residents of the 6th floor. This calendar is something everyone can add their own events to, look at for ideas of things to do around campus, or be reminded of the plentiful hall events that Southwest hosts. Hopefully, with this large physical reminder, residents can feel less stressed about their goals and remember that using successful planning devices can lead to lower stress amounts and a more harmonious community environment. Wall Calendar

Root Beer Float Social

To wrap up the first week of new classes, 6th West had a root beer float social event. This event was intended to offer the residence a chance to get to know me better and a chance to relax after a potentially rough first week of new classes. At the social, we talked about our new class loads and what everyone thought their biggest struggles of this semester will be. We also discussed ways that we can relieve stress in a healthy manner and how to recognize the signs that we may be overextending ourselves.Root Beer Float blog pic

Pancake Breakfast

This morning was 6th floor’s pancake breakfast that took place in the community room from 10-noon. We had a great turnout. Residents had the choice of either plain or chocolate chip pancakes, coffee, and apple juice. It was a great way to start off finals week by giving everyone a break and a filling breakfast so that they could focus on studying. Thank you to everyone that came down it was fun getting to just sit around, talk, and enjoy some pancakes.