Wings and Things

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Zak, DJ and I put on the “Wings and Things” event! A huge thanks to both of those amazing people for their great contributions to another successful program! I hope that everyone who was able to come down had a good time and ate some good food. We watched the movie, The Accountant, and ate some wings, fries, celery sticks, and carrots. On top of all of that, we also talked about people with Autism. This movie portrays the main character in a positive light and shows not only how he learned to live with his disability, but used it to his fullest advantage. It was really nice to see characters with disabilities being shown as productive, positive, important. I would definitely recommend this movie to all who have not seen it before! Do you have a favorite movie that positively portrays someone with a disability? Feel free to comment about your favorite characters! Wings and Things


Earth Door Decs

In order to tie into the Floor’s Earth Day Theme, I created some globe door decs! I wanted these door decs to remind us about our Earth’s many offerings and encourage us to get out and explore what we can! While we focus on our Earth’s health this month, it is also a reminder to look at ourselves and make sure we’re doing what we can for our personal health too. As the weather gets warmer I would like to encourage all of you to spend some time outside, walking around campus, hanging out with friends, or just switching up your studying location! What are your favorite ways to utilize the nicer weather while you’re here at school? Feel free to respond in the comments section or talk to me in person about more ideas for getting out and moving!

Earth Door Dec

Pollution to Solution

In order to celebrate Earth Day this month, I created a “Pollution to Solution” bulletin board. This board it utilizing reused newspapers and old bulletin board supplies. In order to bring more awareness to environmental hazardous and pollution, I pinned up some examples that we all see during our daily lives. Also on the board, some examples of things that we can do to improve our Earth’s health can be seen on the opposing side. I hope everyone can take a look during the next few weeks and learn something new about our environment! pollution-to-solution.jpg

Game Night Extravaganza!

We had a great time last night talking to the UW-Platteville Men’s Basketball coach, Coach Gard. He offered us some very interesting insight as to what goes on behind the scenes to help give his players the best chances for winning. We also got to experience some amazing game time food like wings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, and pizza! We did all of this while also watching the Bucks game, it was a very interesting and immersive experience! I appreciate everyone that was able to make it down and hope you also had a good time! If you weren’t able to attend, please comment below an event that you would be interested in. I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing, and recuperative spring break!!

Image result for coach gard platteville

Mario Kart and Pizza!

We all had a great time relaxing and learning more about Mario Kart last night in the lobby! DJ, Zac, and I had a fun time putting this program together and I’m glad so many residents were able to stop by for a few races and pizza! We also had some Kahoot Quizzes about Mario Kart and the origins of the game. It was really interesting to learn more about the modern Japanese culture that brought these characters to light! I really enjoyed putting this program on with Zac and DJ and hope we can all get together again and bring you all something fun and relaxing in the near future!

Fortnite Night!!

We had a blast last night after stopping by Taylor’s Fortnite Night!! The room was laid out by council type and squads which allowed for a really exciting inclusive night of gaming! Besides fortnite, there was also a table set up with a fully equipped “make your own trail mix” station! This program was really well enjoyed by everyone that stopped by, some lively debates occurred over what the best council is and there was some discussion over what people’s favorite games to play were. Do you have a favorite game? Feel free to answer in the comment section!!

Healthy Spring Break Activities

Stop by the elevator bay and check out these healthy ideas of things to do over spring break! We have all been working really hard over these past few weeks and this break offers a good chance to reflect and de-stress. I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy, and relaxing break, to promote this idea further, there are some posters up on the wall that offer some ideas as to things we could all do to improve our health. What activities are you looking forward to over break? Do you think you’ll try any of the suggest activities? Feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions in the comment section!

Spring Break