April Break

IMG_20170416_173326I hope you all had an excellent April Break, and are feeling refreshed and ready to finish the semester. Prior to April break we did an egg hunt around Southwest hall. I hope you all had a chance to participate in the fun, and I hope seeing the eggs all around the building provided you with joy to start your break right! You may also have noticed that some of the eggs were stuffed with fun facts about recycling. With Earth day just around the corner, remember to recycle. 

Cupcake wars!

So happy I got to see many of you at cupcake wars last night! If you didn’t get a chance to go, it was an awesome time with free cupcakes! They had multiple rounds that you could enter your cupcakes in and these rounds were  judged by different faculty members from around campus. 

Life hacks

I hope everyone had a great time learning some things that may make your life a little easier. If you missed this event yesterday, some of the awesome hacks we learned include how to tie a tie, how to efficiently hang a picture, bullet journaling, how to get rid of wrinkles without an iron, how to save a damaged textbook, and many more!