Taste of the World 

Tomorrow at 8:30 pm stop by every floor and grab a bite to eat! Each floor will represent a different continent and will have food and knowledge about that continent. Your very own six floor will be representing Africa, so be sure to stop by and enjoy! 

door decs



Thanks to everyone who voted for the lightsaber that their personality coincided with! You all have gotten door decs that reflect your vote, I hope you can appreciate all the different colors in your rooms, and in this wing, and come to appreciate the differences we all have!



Thank you for showing up to our non-adulting event, Abrakadoodle! We had a lot of fun watching movies, eating snacks, but primarily, painting on differently colored sheets of paper. And no matter the colors you used for paint, or paper, everyone made a really neat end product, and it was cool to share the correlations between something as simple as painting to our community. Thanks for showing up, and remember, nobody ever really grows up, they just learn how to act in public.