Diversity Desserts With TED

Michaela and I had an amazing event in Southwest’s Lobby tonight! This event offered students a chance to paint their hands in an unique way and place it onto an inspirational banner and they were also invited to create and eat a cupcake that represented them! The night was a huge hit and I would like to thank the over 40 residents that participated! It was a great chance to sit and chat about diversity and inclusion on campus and we had a lot of interesting discussions! I hope everyone had a great time and will check out the banner in the next few weeks of school!


Taste The World – FNC!

This last Friday night was Southwest’s Taste the World FNC! It was an amazing time where guests were allowed to taste dishes from places around the world! We cooked traditional meals, desserts, and side dishes from all continents (except for Antarctica)! Each floor was assigned a country and provided two dishes for the attendees to try. Matt and I got Australia and decided to make mini-meat pies and a day punch. We also decorated the room with flags, famous Australians, native plants, fun facts, and native animals! A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and to all of my co-workers that helped make this night one of the best FNC’s UW-Platt has ever seen!

Wings and Things

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Zak, DJ and I put on the “Wings and Things” event! A huge thanks to both of those amazing people for their great contributions to another successful program! I hope that everyone who was able to come down had a good time and ate some good food. We watched the movie, The Accountant, and ate some wings, fries, celery sticks, and carrots. On top of all of that, we also talked about people with Autism. This movie portrays the main character in a positive light and shows not only how he learned to live with his disability, but used it to his fullest advantage. It was really nice to see characters with disabilities being shown as productive, positive, important. I would definitely recommend this movie to all who have not seen it before! Do you have a favorite movie that positively portrays someone with a disability? Feel free to comment about your favorite characters! Wings and Things

Mario Kart and Pizza!

We all had a great time relaxing and learning more about Mario Kart last night in the lobby! DJ, Zac, and I had a fun time putting this program together and I’m glad so many residents were able to stop by for a few races and pizza! We also had some Kahoot Quizzes about Mario Kart and the origins of the game. It was really interesting to learn more about the modern Japanese culture that brought these characters to light! I really enjoyed putting this program on with Zac and DJ and hope we can all get together again and bring you all something fun and relaxing in the near future!

Inclusive Language Bulletin Board

Michaela and I worked together to create a new bulletin board down in the lobby. It focuses on inclusive language and how you can change your statements to better fit everyone. The board has some commonly heard statements that are offensive to some groups of people, inside the statement flap you can see some different ways to state the comment in a more appropriate manner. Often times, an offender may not know that the things they’re saying are offensive, it is best not to assume that they are trying to be rude. Instead, a polite reminder or discussion could ensue and a better conclusion could be made. To recognize some of these statements, stop down at the board, and lift up the misspoken statements to reflect on some better ways to state your comments.


Inclusive Language

Lucky Charms From Around the World

To honor St. Patrick’s Day this March, I created a “Lucky Charms From Around the World” bulletin board. This board displays different objects that groups of people from all over the world see as lucky. Some of these objects are said to ward off curses or disease and others are just to grant the user good luck and happiness. On the left hand side, you can see some examples of lucky charms in other cultures. Take a moment to look at and appreciate the wide amounts of cultural diversity and reflect on how this impacts everyone’s day to day life. Lucky Charms PicOn the right hand side, there is a prompt to write down your own lucky charms. Feel free to add to this side with any lucky objects you have in your life or comment in the discussion section below!

Holiday Baskets

On Saturday I delivered the 62 holiday baskets that we made for Manor Care here in Platteville. We were originally going to just do holiday cards but then we came up with the idea of doing baskets. We made baskets out of red, green, blue, and white construction paper and filled them with perler bead decorations, a candy cane, grapes, pretzels, hershey’s kisses, and of course a holiday card. The perler bead decorations were made at a program that took place earlier in the week by residents. It seemed like everyone had lots of fun and there were some really cool designs made. Thank you to everyone that helped out in some way with the baskets. The residents of Manor Care definitely like them.download