What is your zodiac sign?

There is a brand new board in the elevator bay. For this one we decided to do one on the different zodiac signs. Each one contains information about the personalities of the different signs as well as what months they are. They give general information about each sign such as their birthstone, color, season, and keywords about them. Be sure to take a look at it and see if the keywords for your sign match the way you describe yourself. I also encourage you to see what your friends are because everyone is different.Zodiac Signs


Idaho’s begining

This new board talks about the Native American tribes that used to make up what is now Idaho. Even though we live in Wisconsin, I think it is valuable and interesting to learn about other state’s history. Idaho was made up of many different tribes. This board contains a map of Idaho with the sections that each tribe had. It also contains information on each tribe that is listed on the map and there are some pictures of the Native American tribes. Overall, this is a really neat board and I suggest that you stop by and look at it and learn about the Native Americans that used to make up Idaho.20171115_214825_HDR


Puzzle Decorating!

UPDATE: The puzzle is complete and is now up. Thank you to everyone that helped out!20171115_220743_HDR

This past Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday was puzzle decorating in my suite. This is a blank puzzle that can be decorated however you want. I thought it would be a cool idea to have my residents decorate the puzzle pieces and then put it up on the wing to show how everyone is different but a lot of people have similarities. I can’t wait to finish the puzzle and put it up. Thank you to the 5 people that stopped by and decorated a puzzle piece. Now I just have to finish decorating the rest of the 48 pieces.20171027_102527_hdr.jpg