Coffee in the Lounge

Matt and I tried to help Southwest start off on a good note this morning by providing people with coffee as they headed off to class. This event was a hit and we will be back in the lobby next Friday as well! Remember to bring your own cup again and we will fill it up and send you off to crush your day! Although Matt and I had to head to class early, we left two different types of coffee for the residents to enjoy, we hope you all have a great day today and we’ll see you next Friday! Is there something else you would like to see next Friday? Let me know or comment in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!



February Calendar

A lot of college students started out 2018 with a variety of new goals for the spring semester. Those goals varied from learning to be less stressed out, to becoming more involved on campus, to keeping better track of their schedules. To encourage these positive goals, I created a large wall calendar for the residents of the 6th floor. This calendar is something everyone can add their own events to, look at for ideas of things to do around campus, or be reminded of the plentiful hall events that Southwest hosts. Hopefully, with this large physical reminder, residents can feel less stressed about their goals and remember that using successful planning devices can lead to lower stress amounts and a more harmonious community environment. Wall Calendar

Root Beer Float Social

To wrap up the first week of new classes, 6th West had a root beer float social event. This event was intended to offer the residence a chance to get to know me better and a chance to relax after a potentially rough first week of new classes. At the social, we talked about our new class loads and what everyone thought their biggest struggles of this semester will be. We also discussed ways that we can relieve stress in a healthy manner and how to recognize the signs that we may be overextending ourselves.Root Beer Float blog pic

Pancake Breakfast

This morning was 6th floor’s pancake breakfast that took place in the community room from 10-noon. We had a great turnout. Residents had the choice of either plain or chocolate chip pancakes, coffee, and apple juice. It was a great way to start off finals week by giving everyone a break and a filling breakfast so that they could focus on studying. Thank you to everyone that came down it was fun getting to just sit around, talk, and enjoy some pancakes.


The last set of door decs for the semester provides you with tips to make it through finals week and studying. There are smarties attached to the corners that look like a present and are to provide you with a little treat and some sugar to keep your energy up. Remember to do your best and keep working hard! I know you can do it!20171213_095455_HDR

Who wants to color?

I had a fellow RA print off a picture on big paper to color. I have crayons and mini markers available for you to use to color the picture. This is a great thing to do when you are walking by in the hallway or if you need a destresser color part of the picture. It has been proven that coloring helps you relax! If you haven’t tried coloring when you are stressed, try it out you will be surprised how much it helps!20171129_224559_HDR

Cake Walk!

Tonight was cake walk. The way cake walk works is you walk in a circle to music and once the music stops a number is drawn. If you are the lucky one standing on the number that was called you win! After collecting your winning ticket, you get to go across the hall and pick out any dessert you want! This is not an easy choice with so many different cakes, cupcakes, breads, and more to choose from. If you want a chance at one of the fancier cakes, cheesecake, or other items you can play our special dollar round. There were definitely plenty of good desserts this year and we had a great turn out. We ended up having a total of 94 people come and made over $350 for the Grant County Humane Society and Southwest Hall!!! Even though the weather was crappy, we had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that took a break from studying or came down to relax and win some delicious desserts. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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