Cake Walk!

Tonight was cake walk. The way cake walk works is you walk in a circle to music and once the music stops a number is drawn. If you are the lucky one standing on the number that was called you win! After collecting your winning ticket, you get to go across the hall and pick out any dessert you want! This is not an easy choice with so many different cakes, cupcakes, breads, and more to choose from. If you want a chance at one of the fancier cakes, cheesecake, or other items you can play our special dollar round. There were definitely plenty of good desserts this year and we had a great turn out. We ended up having a total of 94 people come and made over $350 for the Grant County Humane Society and Southwest Hall!!! Even though the weather was crappy, we had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that took a break from studying or came down to relax and win some delicious desserts. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Words Hurt

This board is entitled Think Before You Speak and is about using inclusive language. It contains information on what inclusive language is and examples of inclusive and exclusive language. It also contains words and phrases that should be avoided. The phrases that are listed contain a reason why you shouldn’t say it. Always remember that you don’t know everyone’s story so it is important to use inclusive language!20171019_134557_HDR


Late Night

Everyone had such an amazing time at late night! We played games like life size hungry hungry hippo, four man jouste, skee ball, and much more! They also had tarot cards, caricature drawings, and a photo booth! This event was a great way to let off  some steam and relax before the final crazy weeks of the semester! If you didn’t go to this awesome event this year you should look into it for next year! 


Change your mindset

People always tell you to “think before you speak” but what we often forget is to also think before we speak to ourselves! I encourage all of you to think about the way you look at yourself and see if your criticism is building you up or tearing you down. As our first tests of the semester are upon us don’t forget to love yourself and learn from your mistakes.

bulletin board



Make sure to take a few minutes to stop by the new bulletin board! Did you know that there are actually 9 different colors of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe? Not just the four colors we know from the movies. Each color comes with basic personality traits. You all have a clothespin at the bottom to take and hang on the lightsaber color you most associate with. And may the force be with you!