There is another new door dec up that are also bookmarks. These are made with a small alphabet punch and recycled paint chips. I was trying to figure out a cool way to use up some of my paint chips and this is what came to mind. Every on is a little bit different depending on where you letter was punch out of the paper and which two colors of paint chips you got. Each one has a ribbon so you can easily find your spot again in a book.



Spring into Bird Watching 

Stop by and look at the new bulletin board on our wing! You can find out some fun information about eight different spring time birds in Wisconsin! Keep your eye out when you walk around campus, because all eight of them can be found right here in Platteville!

April Break

IMG_20170416_173326I hope you all had an excellent April Break, and are feeling refreshed and ready to finish the semester. Prior to April break we did an egg hunt around Southwest hall. I hope you all had a chance to participate in the fun, and I hope seeing the eggs all around the building provided you with joy to start your break right! You may also have noticed that some of the eggs were stuffed with fun facts about recycling. With Earth day just around the corner, remember to recycle. 

Leaf Through Fall


For lack of a more apt pun, enjoy your new door decorations! They are made of various fall leaves I gathered because I though they each had a unique beauty, and have a fun fact about nature on them. Enjoy this last bit of nice fall weather before winter comes!