Mr. School of Ag

On Thursday Dec 7th, the 2nd annual Mr. SOA pageant put on by Alpha Zeta took place. The night was filled with fun and lots of laughs. Males representing 11 different clubs in the School of Ag competed for the title of Mr. SOA and People’s Choice. There were 3 different categories: work wear, patriotic wear, and formal wear. While the contestants were up there, they had to answer an agriculture question during each round. During the formal wear there was a fun question asked as well as a short talent section. The talents ranged from singing to dunking a basketball to how many chicken nuggets could be eaten in 2 minutes. While the judges deliberated, the audience members got to vote for their contestant and got to get some ice cream that was donated by Culvers. At the end of all of this the winners were crowned. Everyone that came out had a blast! I recommend you come watch this even if you aren’t in the School of Ag.

Pictured is the 2 winners and the group of all of the contestants.


Dr. Gnaneswaran

For all of you Mechanical Engineering majors, I did a board on a professor in your department. You may or may not have had him but he seemed like a good professor to interview. I sent him my interview questions in an email and got his responses. This board contains his responses to the questions as well as the questions themselves. Be sure to check it out and learn about a professor; some of it may surprise you.20171207_215849_HDR

Cupcake wars!

So happy I got to see many of you at cupcake wars last night! If you didn’t get a chance to go, it was an awesome time with free cupcakes! They had multiple rounds that you could enter your cupcakes in and these rounds were  judged by different faculty members from around campus.