bulletin board

Stay Sweet!

The beginning of the year can be very stressful with learning your new schedule and having to get back into the school routine. This elevator bay board helps you combat that with tips on how to keep yourself healthy and less stressed this school year. Be sure to take a look at it and hopefully it will help you be less stressed.20170901_151736_HDR


Boulders Rock Climbing


If you didn’t come to rock climbing with us and 3E, you missed out! We took an evening trip to Boulders in Madison. $10 got you in, with free equipment rental, and as much climbing as your finger muscles could manage! We’ll probably go again before the end of the semester, so if you didn’t come last time, you’ve got to this time!


Wallyball Week 3


Week 3 of the Volleyball tournament is done! Though, does it really count if you play Wallyball instead? I mean, it’s basically the same thing. Wallyball is a great opportunity to get active, meet some new people, and learn about friendly competition, as well as to learn about how loud it gets inside those courts! I hope to see the same faces and some new ones next week for our fourth game!


Recess Games

Thanks to those of you that came to Southwest Hall’s FNC on Friday night! We had a blast from the past while playing Four Square, throwing around a football, practicing hula hooping, and all that. Being active in kid-like ways is a lost skill. Join us again for our next event, the Cake Walk, coming soon to a hall near you!