Pioneer Basketball

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a very exciting and tough game for the Pioneer Men’s Basketball team. After a tough start, they were able to take back the lead in an exciting second half; but unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the lead and lost 66-71. We talked about the training that the team goes through and discussed the technique that the players were using to roll out during the warm-up. We then discussed various work out routines that work well for us, and how they vary from when we’re at home. What do you all do to stay physically active on campus?Does this differ from when you’re at home?


Flu or Cold?

Do you know the symptoms of cold and flu? Are you able to tell the difference between the two? Cold and flu symptoms are very similar and are hard to tell the difference between. You can have symptoms of both at the same time. This new board helps differentiate the symptoms between the two. The purple minion and information in purple represent the flu whereas the yellow represents the cold. It also contains information on what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming sick. Be sure to check out this board and learn which symptoms go with what sickness.20171110_191002_HDR

Breast Cancer Facts

I have put up a new bulletin board on the wall of the wing. This board matches the dress door decs that I made and contains a variety of Breast Cancer facts. I would suggest reading the facts because a lot of the information I didn’t know and it surprised me. Breast Cancer is a serious thing and I hope that one day we will find a cure for it.20171018_223906_HDR


On September 15th at 7pm Southwest hosted its FNC (Friday Night Club) SnazzyBall. This was the second FNC of the school year and it was a ton of fun and there was a great turn out! It was essentially volleyball in “fancy” clothes. We had 2 volleyball games going on at once and we rotated the teams. When you weren’t playing, there was passed appetizers as well as other snacks and sparkling apple cider to drink out of champagne flutes. If you didn’t want to play volleyball, you could play corn hole instead. We had a LED volleyball, glow in the dark tape, and glow in the dark corn hole. There was a championship game held at 8:30pm for the 2 best dressed teams. Thank you to everyone who attended and congrats to the team that won.20170921_202703_HDR

Stay Sweet!

The beginning of the year can be very stressful with learning your new schedule and having to get back into the school routine. This elevator bay board helps you combat that with tips on how to keep yourself healthy and less stressed this school year. Be sure to take a look at it and hopefully it will help you be less stressed.20170901_151736_HDR

Chillin’ with my Peeps

IMG_20170401_231817Stop by the elevator bay and find fun ways to chill with your peeps. As the weather warms up remember to consider hanging out with your friends outside. Some fun outdoor activities include going on a walk, kayaking, jogging, biking, or playing yard games.