Mud Cups, Sound Bowls, and More!

On Thursday night, Zak, DJ, and I created a super fun and relaxing event that focused on taking time for ourselves and celebrating the nice weather. We made pudding mud cups complete with chocolate pudding, oreos, and gummy worms! Jason Artz stopped by from counseling services to show us his Tibetan sound bowl and talk to us about managing stress in our lives. He reminded us that as our schedules get busier, we need to take a break for mental check ins with ourselves throughout the day. This is something that we all forget to do from time to time but those few seconds out of your day can really make a difference in your health! I really appreciated all of the people that were able to stop by, I hope you had a fun time eating the mud cups, making stress balls, and listening to the sound bowl!


Spot the difference

Take a peek at this poster and discuss with your friends all the differences between the two pictures! Circle the differences if you find one!

Star Wars Week!


Thank you all for a great week last week! We put on one Episode each night for a full week, and it was great to see you guys show up and just do some work, or talk with people from other wings. May the Force be with you all this week!

Cake Walk

Finally!! Our big fundraiser has come and gone! It was so awesome to see a lot of you there contributing money to a good cause! All proceeds went to Family Advocates so they can help survivors of abuse, supporting and empowering with a wide variety of resources. If you’re interested in more information or looking to volunteer, there’s more information on their website.


Pizza with the Chancellor


Chancellor Shields is hosting an open forum right here in Southwest on October 25th, so mark your calendars! He’s also coming a bit early to eat pizza with any residents that sign up at the front desk. So for free pizza and the opportunity to learn more about the chancellor, sign up! It will be at 6:30 in the MPR.

Banners and Ace

It’s homecoming week! I hope you all were able to go to an event or two and win some points for Southwest Hall! Thanks a ton to those of you that went to cheer us on at the Banner ceremony (we totally should have placed) and also stayed afterward to watch the illusionist, Kid Ace preform.